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ACME Party & Tent Rentals Article

Party Rentals In Houston: Avoid Houston Weather Surprises With A Party
Tent Rental

If you are trying to decide whether or not is it cost effective to order party rentals in Houston, take a moment to consider the type of weather that is typical in this area. Summers are hot and humid, with the occasional warning to be on the lookout for approaching tropical storms and hurricanes. Autumns are known for steady rain, with crisp weather further adding to the damp chill common to Houston.

As much as local residents enjoy planning outdoor events and taking advantage of the beautiful local scenery, many party planners are wary of organizing a grand event, only to have to cancel it due to rain or oppressive heat. An increasing number of event planners are turning to party tent and table and chairs rental to not only avoid having to cancel their party due to inclement weather, but also to make the overall planning much easier.

Guard Against Unforeseen Weather
No matter how much you plan and how careful you are with the organization of an event, no one can foresee a Houston downpour, and few people realize how oppressive the Houston sun can be during the summer months. By using a Houston party tent rental company, you will be able to relax and simply enjoy your event, rather than obsessively watching the local weather to see if there is rain in the forecast for your big day. Further, events that include young children or older adults are much more comfortable when they have the cover of a party tent, particularly if the planner has opted to rent tent fans—and even air conditioning. It will be almost as pleasant as if you had planned your event for the indoors!

Enjoy Less Complicated Event Planning

You will have enough to think about as you organize entertainment, send out invitations and plan the agenda for your outdoor event. Would it be wonderful to leave the decorations, set up and ambiance to the professionals? A high quality party tent rental company should be able to provide you with table and chairs rental for your Houston affair, as well as professional decorating services, so that you can focus on the “people” aspect of your event rather than the nuts and bolts of the outdoor set up. The best part of renting a party tent, table and chairs? It will be up to someone else to take it all down and store it!

For your next Houston event, consider the high quality and beautiful party rentals available at Acme Party and Tent. We offer a wide range of tents, concessions, and table and chairs that are suitable for an array of party styles. From the largest corporate events, to a children’s birthday pool party, leave it to the professionals at Acme. Call us today at 713-729-2424 to discover how we can make sure your event is a success, rain or shine.

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