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Generator Rentals In Houston

Generator and Power

Honda EU2200 Quiet Mini

185.00.00 day/ 370.00 week 2200W Inverter Generator
*fuel charged if not returned full.

Champion 3100W Mini

185.00 day/ 370.00 week
*fuel charged if not returned full.

Champion 3500W

185.00 day/ 370.00 week
*fuel charged if not returned full.

50KVA ‐ 40KW Diesel Quiet

375.00 day/ 1125.00 week
*fuel charge based on usage
$175.00 delivery fee

70KWA ‐ 58KW Diesel Quiet

400.00 day/ 1,200.00 week
*fuel charge based on usage
$175.00 delivery fee

Electrical Distribution

Extension Chord

50' Ext. chords 12/3

7.80 day/15.60 week

100' Ext. chords 12/3

10.50 day/21.00 week
3 way adapter

3‐Way Adapter

3.75 day/7.50 week
distro panel

Distribution Panels

4, 6, 8, or 10 Position

210.00 day/420.00 week

Camlock pigtail

10.50 day/21.00 week

50' camlock extension

15.75 day/31.50 week

Quad box stringer 3 phase

25.00 day/50.00 week

Cable ramps 3'

18.00 day/36.00 week

ADA Cable ramps 3'

50.00 day/100.00 week

50' Extension 3 phase

20.00 day/40.00 week

100' Extension 3 phase

35.00 day/70.00 week
Ask your event specialist for a quote on specific needs your event may require.

Returned items should be rinsed clean and replaced in the same containers as received. Linens should be refuse-free and dried to avoid additional charges. Set up and breakdown of tables, chairs, linens, china, and stages are offered at an additional charge. We have a 24 hour emergency dispatch for any last minute or special needs.

Loss or Damage

Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessee from the time of delivery or pickup to the time it is returned. Additional charges are made for damages and shortage. Please be sure equipment is protected from weather and secured when not in use. Exposure of equipment to the elements will incur additional charges. A charge will be applied to items requiring extra cleaning.

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