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ACME Party and Tent Rental: Providing Top-Quality Rental Services for the Riot Comedy Festival

Calendar icon March 23, 2023

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The Riot Comedy Festival Tent from Acme Rental

Tent Rental from ACME Party and Tent Houston

The Riot Comedy Festival is one of the biggest and most highly anticipated events in Houston, March 23 - 26, 2023, bringing together some of the most talented and well-known comedians from across the country. As the festival has grown in popularity over the years, so too has the need for high-quality event rental services. That's where ACME Party and Tent Rental comes in.

Located at 11144 S Post Oak Rd. Houston, Texas 77035, ACME Party and Tent Rental has been providing top-quality rental equipment and services to the people of Houston for many years. Our extensive inventory of tents, tables, chairs, linens, and other event equipment makes them the perfect choice for any event, from small gatherings to large-scale festivals like the Riot Comedy Festival.

One of the things that sets the Riot Comedy Festival apart is its impressive lineup of over 50 shows across three stages, featuring big-name headliners, standup, podcasts, sketch, improv, music, and street performers. To make this all possible, the festival requires a vast array of equipment and services, from tents, tables, serviceware, and seating arrangements.

ACME Party and Tent Rental is providing all of this and more for the Riot Comedy Festival, helping to ensure that the event runs smoothly and successfully. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with the festival organizers to ensure that all of the equipment and services provided meet the festival's unique needs and requirements.

As the Riot Comedy Festival continues to grow and expand, ACME Party and Tent Rental will be there every step of the way, providing the high-quality rental equipment and services that the festival needs to thrive. If you're planning an event in the Houston area, be sure to check out ACME Party and Tent Rental for all of your rental needs. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is unmatched in the industry, making them the perfect choice for any event, big or small. Visit our website at to learn more.

The Riot Comedy Festival Tent from Acme Rental

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